SONA Upscale 2020
ACT/NSW Winner
In May 2020, the Student Organised Network for Architecture (SONA) held a one weekend design competition called Upscale. The theme for Upscale was Renew.
The Upscale competition asked students to address the challenges of working from home for school teachers and built environment students. The design needed to facilitate and promote a healthy work-life balance, fit through a standard door frame, be primarily made of timber, and be suitable for a living room environment.
Our proposal gives fresh life to the working from home environment, by offering an elevated working from home platform with rotatable side panels. We considered the traditional divide between home and work and explored ways to create a boundary within the home. The step is almost symbolic, entering the workspace, and provides much needed storage space for students and teachers. Rotating panels provide the user with the ability to refine the amount of light, air, views and sound, while also allowing the pod to be closed off when not in use.
The proposal won the ACT/NSW combined event and received a budget to construct a full scale prototype. This was completed in January 2021 and is now on display at the Australian Institute of Architects offices in the ACT. 
To read more about Upscale, visit the SONA website.
In collaboration with Jess Denham.