Hey! My name is Stephanie Williamson, and I’m a student of architecture at the University of Canberra. 

I spent a number of years working in business administration before (re)discovering architecture as a passion.  Maybe it was that 90% of my travel photos were of beautiful buildings, or maybe it was a yearning for a more creative career that still utilised my detail-oriented mind.  Either way, I feel glad to have landed here! 

My background in business admin has given me excellent time management and organisation skills, while my university studies have taught me that I’m an individual who loves to collaborate. My favourite projects are those where I’ve teamed up with peers and friends to work together. 

I have a keen interest in sustainability, equality through design and a consideration of the environment and place that architecture occupies. 

In 2021, I was the ACT SONA representative, successfully hosting the SuperStudio and Upscale competitions, both of which I participated in before becoming a SONA Rep.  I also participated in the Ainslie Ave Bus Shelter Design Competition in 2021, where I was one of three winners. 

When I’m not busy studying, participating in events or being a SONA rep, I like to get out and see the big wide world, from local trails to the towns of faraway countries, usually loaded up with a backpack and everything I need on my shoulders. 
My core values
Responsible Architecture
Environmentally conscious and connected development, consideration of low carbon materials, energy efficient functional spaces. Rethinking convention and challenging traditions to discover innovative means of sustainable architecture. Improving a place, rather than degrading it. 
Design Equality
This is about ensuring design is not discriminative, that places are accessible and welcoming through ease of use. It includes individual projects, but also the urban scale and principles of a walkable or active [transport] community.
Access to Good Design 
I believe that well designed spaces should be available for all, from social housing with plenty of natural light and private spaces to public institutions that support communities to thrive
Consideration of Place 
A willingness to acknowledge and learn about Country and the history of a place; both tangible and intangible and of various periods through time 
10 Slices of Inspiration 
that I frequently refer to
Practices and Ethos'
Breathe Architecture
Sustainable design is the core element of the ethos at Breathe  
Austin Maynard Architects
Playful and fun elements incorporated into everyday family homes, sustainable design principles
Lighthouse Architecture and Science
Sustainable design, backed by science. Focus on smaller, climate conscious, energy efficient housing

Practices and Ethos'
Jaja Architects
Physical and theoretical projects that demonstrate a more sustainable future in an urban context + playful urban structures that rethink the everyday
Studio Precht
Physical and theoretical projects with quirky forms that demonstrate a more sustainable future. 
Planning and Design 
Never Too Small
Good design in a smaller footprint, proving that bigger isn't necessarily better
Plan Attack
Design tweaks to improve function, liveability and beauty; all through the floor plan
Book: Life Between Buildings, Jan Gehl
An examination into how people use public space, or the space between buildings. Reminding us that design is not just about the architectural object, but the spaces around and between as just as important for the functioning of a city 
Architectural Representation and Student Resources
Educational in a plain, conversational manner. Explaining studio culture, how to deal with crits, and how to prepare for a presentation as well as tours of great architecture pointing out key features and explain why it is important to the architecture as a whole
Show it Better
Tutorials and educational posts on design representation and how to show your project in the best way