Havelock House expansion aims to densify an urban site, with an existing heritage building, to increase capacity for vulnerable people seeking short term and long term accommodation.  

The new building form wraps around the heritage building in an almost protective manner, lifting to reveal the heritage facade and entry.

Taking the idea of a single module, as expressed in the original layout of Havelock House, long term accommodation is organised in modules of 4 by 11m which are oriented on an angle capturing north westernly light into the main living spaces of the apartments. Circulation is via an external boardwalk-style corridor, which blends with the outdoor space of each apartment, and helps foster a sense of community and collective living. Screening and plants provide some summer sun protection while offering the residents a connection to landscape and greenery.

The organisation of the existing Havelock House is reinstated with original room dimensions, for short term accommodation. The addition of private ensuite facilities ensures privacy while communal cooking, dining and lounging areas throughout provide opportunities for interaction and social connection.