Jandura Park is an unassuming green space located on the concrete channel of Sullivans Creek in O’Connor, Canberra.  As part of the vertically integrated landscape studio, we were tasked with developing concepts for the park, with a focus on landscape experiences, storytelling and community. 
The existing space is defined by two halves of a concrete channel. The design response seeks to blend the park into a unified whole. Sections of channel are completing covered with wildflower meadows, while other sections open to create new ponds and wetlands. 
Circulation through the park is designed to create a variety of moments and experiences, especially important for Jandura Park which is currently defined by transient moments and movement through the space. An efficient bike highway remains connected with the broader cycle networks surrounding, while ‘meandering paths’ and meadow walks create moments for pedestrians to linger and experience the space, and uncover stories related to the park and its history.
Park design in collaboration with In collaboration with Jack Wilkins and Eddie Casey.